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Classic two-pieces featured in an ad from June, 2014.

After starring in a bevy of entertaining but oh so mainstream films, Scarlett Johansson returns to her off the beaten path roots with Jonathan Glazer’s surreal sci-fi epic Under the Skin. It’s abstract, bizarre, frustrating and altogether interesting. ScarJo plays an alien that’s taken human form in order to prey on unwitting men, but as her burgeoning humanity becomes ever more domineering, she must find a way to evolve. I know, I know, it kind of sounds like that ’90s sci-fi flick Species, but comparing that film to this one does Under the Skin a great disservice. This is more Kubrick than guilty pleasure, more Lynch than regurgitated matinee bullshit. It plays with your senses and tries to alter your state of consciousness.

Frida on We Heart It.